1950s Coming Back

Capturing Memories of the 1950s

"50s coming back" was a 2-year project for learners to capture memories of the 1950s.  This decade was revived using non formal learning activities: workshops, excursions, producing memorabilia etc.  Special attention was given to everyday life in fifties: family values, fashion, entertainment  also important social issues (education, health-care & commerce., art, architecture).  Learners could share with each other personal memories, photographs but also to share memories of Europe at that time. The Project involved 5 partner-countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom & Turkey.  The common language of the project was English. During the two years several video-chats are conducted to encourage communication in foreign language among learners.  Bulletins in English were published by the partners documenting  our work.  A united Europe needs a common collective memory. Even if the continent was divided by what was called then the Iron Curtain, people had the same daily  needs. We still have a lot of people who remember the fifties and today it is still possible, using the latest technology to collect both childhood and adulthood memories.  People who remember fifties now are at least 55 and older. It does not matter what age they were in fifties or what social background they had - they all have been witnesses of same historical processes.  We all cooperated with senior learners,

Web site:  http://www.1950scomingback.eu/


Part of our Memorabilia Display at Hotel Miramare, Trebisacce, Italy.



Display of Hornby Products of the 1950s in Museum in Ankara, Turkey



Exhibition  of Memorabilia in Ankara, Turkey

Newsletter 1 - November 2012

Bulletin 2 - June 2013