Ali Ulusoy

Chairman of the Association

Offering personal and corporate training services in the country and has more than 150 training up until this time.

He is quite experienced in writing projects and managing about that. Many of the projects that have been written by him, considered appropriate up to now.

Especially those in writing and managing project issues he has published 9 books.  He has dedicated himself to either civil society or disabled community.

Fluent in English and speaks German at an intermediate level.

"My Advertising Agencies: Down Advertising Agency" which is the first project regarding Down Syndrome entrepreneurship, supported by ISKUR (Turkısh Labour Agency) and written and consulted by Ulusoy. By means of this project his son whose name Ozan Ulusoy, had an opportunity to establish his own company, was awarded by METU (Middle East Technical University) in 2015, as the year of the entrepreneur.

He has rich experience in coordinating transnational projects designing and implementing projects within time and budget.  Motivating the partner organisations and ensuring their effective cooperation, monitoring and evaluating the projects' progress and crisis management are his strengths. He has participated more than 100 EU and Local projects.

The training which he is participating in as a trainer:

  • Trainer for Soft Skill Training for all
  • Fundraising and Employability
  • Leadership skills
  • Proposal Writing and Project Management
  • Strategic Planning in Organisations, Personal and Organizational Development For NGO Leaders
  • Developing voluntary Services in NGOs.