Empowering Citizenship

Empowering Citizens for Civic Action

This new project aims to empower seniors for civic action in their community through intergenerational learning focused  their  ICT basic skills, social & civic competence and knowledge of pets and strays as a community issue. The target groups are seniors in multigenerational families and/or groups involved in all project activities.  Staff will take the role of guides and mentors in the process.  The project  builds on a review of pets and strays mythology, urban legends, personal memories collected in different formats; a study on risks &  benefits for community and families with a particular emphasis on the four community groups designated for volunteer practice (children, people with health problems, community NGOs & public authorities and services); learning needs assessment (civics and ICT). The results include  4 tool kits for the teams of learners in their volunteer actions on possible involvement of different citizens in community problem with pets and strays. Country work spaces will support networked delivery and project work memory. The dissemination strand of the project includes learners team  practice with the 4 community groups using the tool kits created by the  project; the FB project page; learners and staff networking via individual/group FB accounts; info sessions. A final  European conference will be organized and published in the Grundtvig education  & learning database to provide for an pro-active Europe wide dissemination action. The partnership is coordinated by Romania and includes community organizations from Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey and the UK engaged in a collaborative community exercise.